About us

Welcome to NewsFleet.com, your online news source!

NewsFleet.com is News Magazine run by a group of passionate writers and bloggers. Being updated frequently, our goal is to provide our readers with the latest news in various categories, such as world news, finance, technology, games, sports, security and product reviews.

Reason to start NewsFleet

Today’s digital readers are dumped with information that may or may not be relevant. More often, readers require understanding of news rather than sets of information that is beyond comprehension. They need to not only contact the events that happen at the moment, but with the things that have the potential to affect common lives. That’s why we team eduate together to create more than just headlines. We are here to create news that comes with reason and conclusion, simple enough for the common man to understand.

How was newsfleet formed?

A journalist is nothing but a storyteller. The only difference here is the fact that those stories are true. Now, there are two types of narrators: those who tell it in an interesting and easy pattern and those who have no talent to do so.

In News Fleet, as a team, we were always aware of the fact that there is a great storyteller within us. What we didn’t know, however, was the fact that gaining popularity among our readers would be so fast. Within a year of its inception, NewsFleet achieved levels of readersuccess and popularity. Today, we are on the pedestal of quality content and accurate news delivery. All this was possible with dedicated team effort and, of course, the loyalty of our readers to choose us over any other news website.

Our goal

Now that we have a scalable position on the Internet platform to send important news to readers, our goal is to use our core position to improve society. We work hard and will continue to do so to generate well-detailed news segments with accurate information. We design stories that help shape the world in a better way as the days go by.

Our goal is to disintegrate the noise in the content of the news by providing you with an adequate context. Journalism focuses on the interest of readers and that’s what we strive to achieve in Entre Líneas Magazine. Our goal is to become the ever-growing pioneer of digital journalism with an ability to tell stories to the native social consumer.